1907 - N. & W. Officials Inspect Belt Line

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Roanoke Times - November 23, 1907


Lynchburg, Va., Nov. 22 - Mr. L. E. Johnson, president; Mr. N. D.
Maher, general manager; Mr. A. C. Needles, general superintendent;
Mr. C. S. Churchill, chief engineer, and Mr. V. A. Riton,
superintendent of the Norfolk division, of the Norfolk and Western
railroad, arrived in the city yesterday morning from Roanoke and
spent several hours inspecting the Concord and Forest belt line. They
all took dinner in Mr. Johnson's private car at the depot and then
divided, part of them returning to Roanoke in Mr. Needles' car
attached to No. 17 passenger train, and the others with Mr. Johnson,
whose car was taken westward by No. 3. Just as No. 17 started out the
coupling of the engine broke and the air breaks being automatically
set, stopped the train instantly. After a few minutes' delay fresh
coupling was effected and the train started out.
Regarding the new line, it is said to be nearly completed that it
will probably be used in February or March next.


- Ron Davis, Roger Link

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