Y-5 Phone/Speaker?

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The two Y5's in question were in yard service, and what you see was a
communication device (radio?) Jim Nichols

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> Listers,


> While perusing Paul Carleton's book Memories of Norfolk and Western

> Power for the umteenth time I noticed something I hadn't noticed

> before. On page 58 there are a couple of photos of Y-5's- 2118 and

> 2111 to be exact. What caught my attention was a device on the front

> of each locomotive to the right of the coupler (engineer's side)(left

> of coupler looking from the front) mounted above the front beam over

> the foot boards. (If I had a scanner that had the resolution I'd

> scan the picture but alas I don't). It looks to be an external

> speaker. Both locomotives have it. I've not noticed it on pictures

> of other Ys. Can any one verify what the device is and what it was

> used for? I'm curious about it.


> Thanks for your input.


> Dave Moorehead

> Milford, OH






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