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Deepwater Railroad Contractors will Begin Work at Once
A special term of the circuit court [Mercer County, WV] was held yesterday for the purpose of allowing the Deepwater Railway Company to pay over to the court the moneys involved in the condemnation proceedings in the matter of rights of way for that road from Clark's Gap on the Wyoming county line, to the Bluestone river, on Widemouth. About $14,000 was paid over.
The special term was held, it is said, to accommodate the contractors, who are now on the ground and anxious to go to work, and could not do so until the moneys were paid over. It is now stated that work on the Widemouth part of the Deepwater will begin immediately and be pushed as rapidly as possible.
The Daily Telegraph is informed from an absolutely reliable source that the rumors to the effect that the Tidewater end of this line had been abandoned are the merest bosh. Work is in progress all the way from the state line to the tidewater terminals, and the promoters of the road, who have practically unlimited capital, will allow nothing to stand in the way of the line being built from the coal field direct to the sea just as speedily as the contractors can do the work. There has been no deal with the Norfolk and Western, and no deal of any kind that would serve to retard the building of the road is even remotely contemplated.

Bluefield Daily Telegraph
July 26, 1904

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