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Richard: What kind do you want, gold or silver? The Buckeye Railroadania
show is this weekend in Columbus Ohio. And I will look. They used to be
not very expensive in the gold style. How many large and how many small?

Gary Rolih

Cincinnati, OH

Rolih at nwhs.org

April 21st

Buckeye Show

Lausche Building, State Fairgrounds, Exit 111 off of I-71

Columbus, Ohio

0900-1500 hrs

Bring money!


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N&W Listers,

I got this email from a friend in Lynchburg who isn't on this list. Is there
anyone who might have an answer?

"I have a friend that works at a dry cleaners and is in need of buttons,
original or reproduction, for an N&W Conductors jacket. They need a full
set. They said that they would take an entire jacket if they had to, but get
real. One of you guys know where I can get a set of buttons. The museum says
that all they have is cuff links."


Richard D. Shell

Troutville, VA


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