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Yes they ran a domed car on the Powhatan Arrow and later on the Pocahontas. The public timetables for April 1967, October 1967 and April 1968 shows a Dome Chair Car, Coaches and a Dining Lounge Car for the Powhatan Arrow. The June 1969, December 1969 and August 1970 public timetables show a dome car on the Pocahontas (the Powhatan Arrow being discontinued at that point) which was operated until the arrival of Amtrak in 1971.


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> Question -


> Did the Norfolk & Western every use any of the Domed Passenger cars on

>any of their regular passenger trains? I realize that they "inherited" some

>from the Wabash after their merger, but I am asking specifically about

>either the Powhatan rrow, or the Pocahontas.


> Thanks


> Frank Jefferson


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