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The N&W did most certainly offer regular dome car service during the late 60's up until Amtrak took over. They refurbished the Pocahontas after the demise of the Powhatan Arrow, probably as much to convince the ICC that they were seriously trying to attract ridership to their one remaining (on the former N&W main) passenger train. I've seen many photos of these refurbished
Wabash domes on the Pokey. Better still, I rode them a couple of times. All three were in the consist of the last Pocahontas eastbound on the day before Amtrak. From Roanoke east the train was pulled by the former Nickel Plate Berk #759. My grandmother and I rode the last Pokey west to Williamson to catch the last Pokey east, and we rode in one of the domes most of the way form Williamson to our hometown of Farmville.

Sam Putney

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Did the Norfolk & Western every use any of the Domed Passenger cars on any of their regular passenger trains? I realize that they "inherited" some from the Wabash after their merger, but I am asking specifically about either the Powhatan rrow, or the Pocahontas.


Frank Jefferson

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