1907 - Pulaski as division point?

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Roanoke Times - March 21, 1907


The following is taken from the Bristol Hearld:
"A railroad man who was visiting in the city Sunday was heard to remark
that there are big things in store for Pulaski, in connection with the
plans of the Norfolk and Western Railway Company. He stated that the
company's purchase of real estate there, extending along the road from the
passenger station for quite a distance, and embracing many acres, meant
that Pulaski is in the near future to be made division headquarters for a
large territory on the Norfolk and Western lines. According to the reported
plans Pulaski is to be the center for running trains in Southwest Virginia
and West Virginia. The construction of a roundhouse and repair shops there
are said to be in contemplation, and the construction as well as large
railway yards in order to accommodate many cars and engines.
If the plans are put into operation, as it is said they will be, Pulaski
will be the diverging point for trains running to Bluefield and the Clinch
Valley region, Bristol, Saltville, Roanoke and Cripple Creek.
Radford is now such a point to the Norfolk and Western road, but it is
said that company was unable to secure such land as needed to make the
necessary extensions and additions.
The company now runs freight trains from Radford to Glade Springs, VA.,
and from the latter point they make the return trip, making up with cars
from Bristol and Saltville.

Transcribed from scans by Ron Davis.

- Roger Link

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