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> I'm a new member searching for information on N&W's

> blue period. My

> personal experience following the N&W during the

> late 60's in the

> midwest. As I look at my photos from that time it's

> hard to tell

> what's blue and what's black. I'm trying to model a

> GP35 in the 200's,

> I have a shot of 216 that looks blue but everything

> in the Withers

> book tells me none of the 200's were blue. Can

> anyone help me resolve

> the Black vs. Blue question?

They were delivered in black, but it is conceivable
that a few were repainted in the brief (1966-1970)
blue scheme. I have a shot of 218 that appears to be
blue (bad angle + grime).

I definately have shots of GP9s, GP18s, and GP30s in

Mark Peele
Catonsville, MD

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