1907 - New Power Station Plans

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Roanoke Times - Feb 24, 1907


Railway and Electric Co. Ready to Begin Building Quarter Million Dollar Plant

Architects and engineers in the employ of the Roanoke Railway and
Electric Company have nearly completed the plans and specifications
for the new central power station which the company is to build on
the site south of Walnut avenue and between the Roanoke River and the
Winston-Salem track of the Norfolk and Western, which the company
bought from the Norfolk and Western Railway Company about one week
ago. Such good progress has been made with the plans for the new
plant said the general manager of the company last night, that the
actual work of construction will begin in a few days, if the weather permits.
This new power station, as has already been told in The Times,
will cost in the neighborhood of a quarter of a million dollars, and
will be a model plant of its kind -- being built of concrete, and
being equipped with brand new machinery throughout of the latest and
bext design for the generation of electricity.
The clever advertising of the Roanoke Railway and Electric
Company continues to attract attention to Roanoke in various parts of
the country and to advertise the progressive character of this city.
The last issue of The Manufacturers' Record, a weekly Southern
industrial, railroad, and financial journal, published at Baltimore,
gives space to the following announcement of the new power station of
the Roanoke Railway and Electric Company:
"Roanoke Railway & Electric Co. has purchased site on which to
erect a central power station at a cost of $225,000. The building
will be 100 by 150 feet, constructed entirely of reinforced concrete,
including the roof, and will be equipped in the beginning with five
boilers, each of 400 horse-power capacity, and three electric
generating units, each composed of a steam turbine engine set up with
and directly connected to an electric generator or dynamo. One of
these machines will be what is known as a 1600-kilowatt generator,
and each of the others will be a 500-kilowatt generator. This will
mean a total constant production of electrical energy equivalent to
3300 horse-power. The station will be a steam plant, and the building
will be so constructed to be added to when necessary. J. W. Hancock
is general manager."

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