A tender question regarding a photo in the latest Arrow

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In 1953-54, the N&W purchased secondhand nine 22000-gallon tenders that had been used by the Bessemer & Lake Erie on its 2-10-4s. Of the nine the N&W got, one was applied to a K1 and the other eight to Y3a's. The 2061 had tender number 220304 which it received in January 1954 at the Roanoke Shops.

Bud Jeffries
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In the new issue of the Arrow, at the top of page 10, there is a photograph of Y3a #2061 leading a coal train.

The tender of this locomotive has a very different look to it, compared to other N&W tenders I am familiar with and have photographs of (for comparison, just look at the one behind Y3a #2070 at the end of the train in the lower picture of that same page)

Can someone please identify the tender in use behind #2061 in the upper photograph and perhaps supply some history as to its origins?

Sincere thanks for any and all responses.


Dr. J. Brent Greer

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