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With the exception of No. 4 (Pocahontas) in the mid- sixties, I did not see REA reefers on N&W trains in Lynchburg. No. 4 would sometimes have one or two. Perhaps other trains had them also but these are all I can report.

The Southern trains on the N&W (17/18, 41/42, 45/46) did carry REA reefer in larger numbers. It would not be unusual to see 3 to 5 on No. 46 at Lynchburg in the early/mid sixties. This train also used a number of Pennsylvania Railroad box cars for storage mail.

Ray Smoot

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You could see REA Express reefers on N&W trains, but not in great
numbers like you would see on larger passenger roads. Seems that
most REA business was handled in regular baggage cars on N&W. I have
seen only a few pictures of REA reefers on N&W trains, and those were
in the diesel era. I would venture to say that most of the time,
these REA cars were not running in refrigerated mode, but were
hauling storage mail or other sealed express shipments.

Rick Morrison

At 11:12 AM 1/11/2007, you wrote:

>I have the TLC N&W Passenger Book. It seems there is

>little mention of Railway Express Agency in the book.

>I personally have no recollection of seeing any

>growing up in the 60s. Does this mean you'd never see

>a REA Express reefer (green) on an N&W passneger



>Mark Peele

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