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Roanoke Times, Sunday, January 13, 1907


The Norfolk and Western railroad is extending its automatic signal
system five miles down the mountain from Bluefield to Aida and
further improvements of various kinds are being made to make the
system more perfect. The company is also operating an automatic block
system between Roanoke and Montvale, and and the "block to block"
system between Norfolk and Petersburg. These are only a few of the
many improvements that are being added to the road from time to time,
and it will only be a matter of a short while until the Norfolk and
Western will have one of the most complete and modern railroad
systems in the United States.

New Engines
Two of the large engines ordered from the American Locomotive Works
at Richmond by the Norfolk and Western, arrived Thursday, two more
Friday and two more are expected to arrive soon. This is part of the
order placed by the railroad company several months ago, and will
make six very fine and heavy engines to add to the equipment. It is
understood that the company is contemplating the placing of an order
for twenty-five of the same class of engines with this company for
delivery as soon as possible.

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