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Glad you asked!

In the past the Society published an annual index for the prior year,
but the volunteers who were doing the indexing quit and no new
volunteers stepped in.

The Society is currently working to develop a cumulative index of all
issues of The Arrow and its predecessor newsletter. We are looking
for 10-12 volunteers to help with the project so each volunteer will
only need to index two volumes (12 issues). We especially need
members who have copies of the early volumes of the newsletter.

If you are one of those who live far from the N&W and have been
unable to volunteer in the past, then THIS is your chance to pitch in
and make a difference! No travel to Roanoke will be required.

If you are interested in volunteering for the Arrow Indexing Project,
then drop me an e-mail at <davis at>.

Ron Davis

On Sun Nov 19 08:25:54 EST 2006 Neil Yerger wrote:

This brings up a question I'd like to ask. Is there a cumulative index of
all of "The Arrow" issues to date ? Kalmbach used to have cumulative index for
previous year "Model Railroader" bound into March or April (not sure which)
issue of next year for subscribers, but sadly has discontinued the practice.
"0-Gauge Railroading" recently decided to make culultive indices available (on
dvd, I believe, but I have no DVD player). Seems to me that a cumulative index
would be very helpful for research projects.

Neil K Yerger
7 Farm Road
Wayne, PA 19087-3303

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