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I wish my county had that web service. Anyway, yes, to my astonishment the property is privately owned. The RR sold it. At least satellite photos give you some kind of look at it.

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Well This just ruined my day!!! the owner of the land is a royal... Ran me off PUBLIC LAND (if it is the same fellow and from what i understand it was) when I was waiting for Lisle (on 15T) at H161ish in behind where my great grandparents lived, he threatened to call the Sheriff on me, etc. Guess that blows plans of getting access to the land for some photos and investigation out of the water... The fellow also owns the land to the north of Poor Creek Ln.


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Without regard as to how Shenandoah Valley acquired the right of way Hagerstown to Roanoke, I'm inclined to agree -- N&W had to buy the property for the Lofton wye. First, it was an auxiliary track that extended beyond the limits of the main line and second, the wye was built to turn pushers, which was well after construction of the line.

>From a Shenandoah Div. track chart updated to 04/01/1952, the wye

diverged from the northward main track at MP R-76.9 and the north side of the wye connected at MP R-77.1.

WebGIS is a great thing, especially for this type of research. Augusta County has a WebGIS system, see Start at the southeast corner of the county, zoom in a little, and work up the N&W line. There is a parcel shaped like the wooded area in Harry's aerial photo. It is parcel 89-70B, 2.95 acres owned by John E. Todd, Jr. (he also owns the large parcel to the south). A visit to the Augusta County courthouse for a deed search (deeds are public record, so access isn't a problem) should turn up the history of this odd-shaped piece of the countryside. To hasten the search, when the WebGIS page comes up, click on the binocular icon to do a search. Enter 89-70B and that parcel information will be returned. Click on the number 1 and the map will be zoomed in and the parcel highlighted.
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