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At 9:02 AM -0500 10/30/06, Harry wrote:

>Without regard as to how Shenandoah Valley acquired the right of way

>Hagerstown to Roanoke, I'm inclined to agree -- N&W had to buy the

>property for the Lofton wye. First, it was an auxiliary track that extended

>beyond the limits of the main line and second, the wye was built to turn

>pushers, which was well after construction of the line.


>From a Shenandoah Div. track chart updated to 04/01/1952, the wye

>diverged from the northward main track at MP R-76.9 and the north

>side of the wye connected at MP R-77.1.

WebGIS is a great thing, especially for this type of research. Augusta County has a WebGIS system, see

Start at the southeast corner of the county, zoom in a little, and work up the N&W line. There is a parcel shaped like the wooded area in Harry's aerial photo. It is parcel 89-70B, 2.95 acres owned by John E. Todd, Jr. (he also owns the large parcel to the south). A visit to the Augusta County courthouse for a deed search (deeds are public record, so access isn't a problem) should turn up the history of this odd-shaped piece of the countryside.

To hasten the search, when the WebGIS page comes up, click on the binocular icon to do a search. Enter 89-70B and that parcel information will be returned. Click on the number 1 and the map will be zoomed in and the parcel highlighted.

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