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Thu Oct 12 20:21:37 EDT 2006

Think I have the answers. I spent part of the day at the archives
researching timetables etc.

Shomo is listed as a N&W station in the April 1, 1917 Shenandoah Div
ETT. No telegraph call listed for this station. Name was changed in
the Jan. 6, 1918 timetable to show Vardo with the station call of V.

Hager first showed up in the Nov. 22, 1942 timetable, station call
HJ. Hagerstown Jct. and Hagerstown Transfer are the same location or
same miles as Hager between St. James and Hagerstown. The April 1941
N&W Station, Sidings and Agents book provides the
following. Hagerstown Jct. only for interchange with the Western
Maryland. Hagerstown Transfer only for interchange with the PRR.
This also provides station calls of HJ and G for Hagerstown Jct. (
Call AU eliminated prior to April 1941) with no call for Hagerstown Transfer.

Hagerstown proper first station call shown as DX in a 1917 timetable
and changed to HN in a 1923 timetable.

Jim Blackstock

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