Boiler wash out procedures (Was: Steam Boiler Filling)

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Pete - get volume 3 of Louis Newton's RAILS REMEMBERED. When he started his
Special Apprentice program at Schaffers Crossing he participated in washing
several boilers . . .

Ed King
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> Can someone give us a brief dissertation on locomotive boiler wash out

> procedures? Particularly, how many wash out plugs (and similar devices)

> are there in the typical largish steam loco boiler and are they all

> removed at every wash out?


> I read an article recently about doing a wash out on a preserved New

> South Wales Gov't Rys 3800 series 4-6-2. The loco is rather light by US

> standards and it was built in the late 40s. Its boiler has 52 wash out

> plugs, including a "belly plate", which allows inspection of the inside

> of the barrel. It was quite a production, considering that wash outs

> were typically done every 30 days, weren't they? Among other things, how

> do you dispose of a boiler full of contaminated water in this day and

> age?


> (BTW, this loco and a sister run a number of fan trips a year over Sydney

> suburban lines.)


> Apologies to the list keeper if this it too tangent.


> pete groom (recently returned from a trip to The Antipodes)

> . . .

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