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nw-mailing-list at wrote: Yes there is a taper with the inside of the driver being slightly larger in diameter than the outside. Does that work? Well, I did a little math last night taking a 56" diameter driver on a 1000' radius curve through 180 degrees. I won't do the math here but it turns out that the outside driver would have to make almost exactly one more revolution than the inside driver, or go about 14 feet further over better than 3000. So what diameter on the outside driver would do the trick? 56-1/4" !

Harry Being new to this correspondance, I didn't expect so many good responces. I'm not exactly ignorant of steam operation, but that was a nagging question which all you helped me to better understand - Thanks, and I'll think up another one. I'm strictly locked in the steam era----Ron H.

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I won't repeat the answers given so far, which are all correct and well explained, but there's two more factors, as it's

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