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As one who hung out at Kemper Street Station with Aubrey Wiley in the early 1960's, I can add the following.

No. 46 had from two to six mail cars (from points west on the N&W) attached to the end at Roanoke (I am curious as to how they got to Roanoke). The cars were taken off at Monroe and put on Southern No. 19 (a mail only train) that departed Monroe at 6pm.

I do not know how these cars were handled in reserve order but do know they were NOT placed on No. 45 nor No. 17, so they must have been attached to No. 41 at Monroe and taken back to Roanoke.

If anyone can shed any additional light on this, it will clear up a longstanding mystery for me.

Other observations from Kemper Street Station in the early 1960's:

No. 18 handled the fewest passengers of the three NW/Southern northbound trains and usually had about 10- 12 cars.

No. 46 ran habitually late, often had alot of "box mail" cars on the headend and usually had about 12- 15 cars including the ones referenced above. At certain times of the year around holidays, passenger traffic was very heary and up to nine passenger cars (3 were typical) would swell the consist to 18-19 cars.

No.42 ran 12- 16 cars

No. 45 ran 10- 12 cars

No. 17 ran 14- 18 cars

No. 41 ran 10- 13 cars.

I hope this is helpful.

Raymond Smoot

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Living in Lynchburg, I can't say with absolute certainty that mail cars were
NOT added or taken off of the N&W/Southern passenger trains here. These
trains left the Southern station and after leaving it behind for a few miles,
they switched over to N&W at the north leg of the Montview wye. They then went
to the west leg of the Kinney (N&W) wye. As a youngster, I spent much time
at that Southern (Kemper Street) station. I saw many trains drop or pick up
mail storage cars and I will have to say, some might have been the N&W bound

I have some conductor record books from the 1960s kept by an N&W conductor
while he worked from Lynchburg or Roanoke to Bristol. These books tell the
crew names, train times, engine numbers, and complete consist data. Contact me
off list and tell me exactly what information you are needing. I hope I can

Aubrey Wiley
_VgnRy43 at aol.com_ (mailto:VgnRy43 at aol.com)

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