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June 23, 2006

Thanks, Harry!

I know the N&W didn't change the Tennessean consist at
Lynchburg. Did the N&W add/remove cars at Bristol or
Roanoke for the portion of movement between those
cities? Also, I suppose two N&W crews handled the
train; one set from Monroe to Roanoke, while the other
was a Radford Division crew?

Good afternoon,

Frank Scheer
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Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 10:33:41 EDT
Subject: No. 45 03/21/45
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There's no notation of what hauled No. 45 to Bristol
(use your imagination) NOR what Southern furnished for
the Knoxville Division, but here's how
The Tennessean stood leaving Knoxville, 03/21/45:

Sou 1701 Grand Junction 60 Ft RPO Chatta
Sou 1750 Decatur Bag-Mail Stge Chatta
Sou 705 Bedford Bag-Dorm-Coach Memph
N&W Coach Memph
N&W 1704 Coach Memph
Sou 905 Morristown Coach Memph
Sou 3304 Alexandria Diner Chatta
Sou 806 Huntsville Coach Memph
Sou 813 Lynchburg Coach Memph
Sou 1150 Washington Tav/Lnge/Obs Memph
Villa Nova Slpr Memph
Brentwood Slpr (Bristol to) Nashv via NC&StL
McRae Slpr Deadhead (?)

Harry Bundy

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