Train 21, 1946

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This has been previously posted, but just in case you
missed it, this was the consist of Train No. 21 for
August 19, 1946 -- the night it hit kinked track,
derailed and was struck by Extra 1207 East. It's from
Motive Power Dept. SK 480-M - "Sketch of Position of
Derailed Equipment Train No. 21 and Eastward Extra
1207 West of Windsor, Va. Aug. 19, 1946."

Engine No. 123 and Tender
BM 1200 (Baggage and Mail, not Boston & Maine)
P&B (combine) 1500
PASS 1733
PASS 1734
PULL Portslade

Harry Bundy

June 25, 2006

Good info, Harry, and most appreciated. When was it

I think 21 and 22 were the trains between Richmond and
Norfolk via Petersburg? I suppose those trains had a
different senority roster for train and engine crews,
since it required being qualified on ACL and the
Richmond Terminal rules and signals? Also, was there
any special procedure to move between the N&W and ACL
at Petersburg. Unfortunately, I've never visited
Petersburg to learn the track layout and operations

Best wishes and thanks,

Frank Scheer
f_scheer at

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