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Regarding the copy of a copy *Consist* book which Jim Brewer mentioned,
rather than laboriously retype it perhaps it could be scanned into a PC and
then have the scanned image run through OCR (optical character recognition)
software. This could potentially save a lot of work.

Patrick Whalen
San Jose, CA

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> June 25, 2006


> Thanks for the clarification, Jim. I'll look forward

> to hearing from you in the future if you poke around

> the Archives and discover other consist books.


> Some railroads also had a booklet for baggagemen

> guidance called "U.S. Mail Work," or variations on

> that title. I've seen these for the C&O, but none for

> the N&W. That's another publication I'd like to see,

> if it turns up. It mainly discussed forms and

> reporting for U.S. Mail traffic, as well and handling

> separations that were to be put off at particular

> stations.


> Best wishes,


> Frank Scheer

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> Frank,


> Glad to be able to provide some information.


> The copy of the Consist Book that I have was obtained,

> if memory serves correctly, well prior to the Society

> having any type of archives. My

> copy appears to be a "copy of a copy" and wouldn't be

> a good candidate for publication. That being said,

> there is no reason why someone couldn't retype it if

> the Society were interested in pursuing it. I don't

> believe the Commissary has ever sold anything like

> this; nor do I have any idea if the powers that be

> would be interested in this type of thing.


> I have never had the time to look through the tons of

> paper at the archives for this or any other consist

> book. My guess is that there were other years

> issued periodically, as traffic patterns changed and

> adjustments to consists were made. It would be

> wonderful to determine what consist books did

> exist, and hopefully, bundle them all together in one

> publication.


> Good luck with your presentation.


> Jim Brewer

> Glenwood MD

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