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For those on the list who like to keep track of N&W cabin cars ("cabeese") I discovered that CF 518216 which had been at Lunken Airport in Cincinnati, OH (and listed as so in Bower's Cabooses of the N&W) has a new home. A few weeks ago I happened to make my first trip to the Railroad Museum of Greater Cincinnati located in Lavonia Ky and "discovered" the cabin car in their collection. Lavonia is located south of Covington Ky which is across the Ohio River from Cincinnati. I don't believe that the N&W made it into Kentucky (if I have mis-spoken please feel free to correct my error) so this cabin car has broken into new territory. The 518216 is the only piece of N&W equipment that the museum has. Much of the musuem's equipment is Pullman passenger cars from all eras as well as a few diesels, cabooses and freight cars. They recently restored the exterior of an E-8 and are working on the interior. It's in Pennsy colors. The location of the museum is the old L&N yard and all the equipment is outdoors.
Since that fatefull day I've been voluntering at the museum doing various maintenace tasks on the equipment. This past Wednesday I got the go ahead from the "head guy" to start to begin to preserve/restore the N&W cabin car. I've always wanted a caboose but I hadn't thought of getting it this way. The museum purchased the car about 5-6 years ago from the city and moved it to its present site. It has been just sitting since then. It has plywood sheathing on one side and t111 paneling on the other side over the original car siding. The ultimate plan is to get the all the old stuff off and put new car siding on as well as getting the windows, iron work and interior into a presentable condition. If any one is in the neighborhood you may want to stop by a visit the museum. It's open Wednesdays and Saturdays. Don't expect a B&O museum or Smithsionian museum quality as the operation is what I would call low budget. You can climb on and get into some of the equipment and, since it's an old yard, you'll have to walk over rails. I'm figuring that sometime in the near future I'll be contacting the N&W Historical Society for info. I'm looking forward to that.
Trust that I haven't veered too far of the list's subjects. By the way, the museum is always looking for people to help even in small capacities. ("Many hands make light work")
Dave Moorehead
Milford, OH

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