Boyce open house, Thursday July 6, is 9 until 1.

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Fri Jun 23 00:34:28 EDT 2006

June 23, 2006

Good morning!

There is a small change to the Boyce open house hours
on Thursday, July 6. Instead of 2 PM on Thursday,
I'll close Boyce station at 1 PM. I want to stop by
New Oxford, Pennsylvania on the way over to photograph
a former Western Maryland RPO car. I also want to
check into my motel near Strasburg before I set up for
the Thursday evening presentation, instead of after.

There are quite a few chain motels at Interstate 81,
exit 313A, Winchester. A Best Western next to the
exit and the Apple Blossom shopping mall is good.
Those planning to stay overnight in the area should
make an advance reservation if planning to arrive
late. Most chain restaurants known to man (and woman)
are near that exit, too.

People traveling in a RV are welcome to park at Boyce
overnight. Please contact me off-list so I know when
to expect you and can give other information about
parking and an electrical hook-up.

I'll change the Thursday opening time to 9 AM; if I
know you want to stop by earlier, I can arrange to be
there sooner. Also, if you want to stop by the
Shepherdstown, WV, station en route, Paul Davis'
dental office is open. The office is closed July 3
and 4, plus weekends. Normal business hours are 8-5
on July 5 and 6 and 8-12 on July 7. Paul's dental
office occupies the former agent's office area and
freight room.

The Railway Mail Service Library (RMSL) had a display
case of Railway Post Office artifacts at Washington
2006, an international philtelic exposition. It was
in the area where Owney, the RMS mascot, was featured,
along with a large O-gauge layout operated by Crescent
Model Railroaders. Photos taken during the event can
be viewed at
The last file in that subdirectory are captions which
describe items displayed. The fellow pictured with
Owney as well as Postmaster General Potter is Dirk
Wales. Dirk wrote a book about Owney, titled A LUCKY

These and other artifacts are samples of items that
can be seen at Boyce, aside from looking at the 1913
station building. I'll be looking forward to your

Best wishes,

Frank Scheer
f_scheer at

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