Mystery photo is likely GTW

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June 22, 2006

Thanks for the helpful pointers about the mystery
photo, Dave. I don't remember many roads positioning
the whistle on the smoke box, which ought to help
narrow down likely roads. For now, I'll refile this
photo in my GTW folder; the reason I have it is the
30-feet RPO that is visible behind the tender.

Good morning,

Frank Scheer
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Subject: Re: Is this an N&W train?
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Take a look at the 4-8-4 photos linked to
wheel arrangements

particularly GTW U3b 6320 and 6329, both of the
engineer's side. Everything matches (two air tanks,
bell and whistle position, number boards). The only
difference is the boiler-tube pilot. Photo of 6315
shows the fireman's side and the flat-bar pilot,
instead of boiler tube. A very close look at the
initial photo indicates a four wheel trailer truck
(two journal box covers, wavy top line of TT casting).
Pretty sure its GTW U3a/b. Location still unknown.

Dave Stephenson

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