Any sample N&W passenger train consists?

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Hello -

This one is definitely from memory but from the late 1950's/early 1960's:

N&W/SOU Trains #41/#42 "The Pelican" - New York - New Orleans - N&W operated from Monroe - Bristol VA:

Express Reefers/Box Cars - 2 or more Railway Express, Pennsylvania or whatever!?!?
Baggage Cars (Mail Storage) - one or more, Southern, N&W, Pennsylvania or whatever going that way?!?
Railway Post Office (Southern)
Combine - SOUTHERN (usually rebuilt heavyweight)
Coach - SOUTHERN (usually rebuilt heavyweight)
Coaches - one or More N&W
Dining Car - Roanoke - Birmingham (New Orleans arrival was about 7:30 AM - Train departed New Orleans 9:00-10:00 PM)
Sleeping Car - 10-6 Pullman (either N&W or Pennsylvania) New Orleans - New York
Sleeping Car - 10-6 Pullman (N&W, Pennsylvania or ??) Bristol - New York
Office Cars - Southern (use your imagination)

This train usually ran 14-16 cars and made most stations in daylight running, it was a "maid of all work) train from Bristol - Chattanooga where most stations were open during its pass through. Motive power could be E6's, E7's, and FP7's. I don't recall seeing E8's on any of those trains.

Southern's 6 PA-3's by that time I think were mostly working out Cincinnati on the Royal Palm, etc. Until about 10 years ago I never realized the Southern had any PA's. However, they were among the last built and the first to be decommissioned.

The other two trains - Birmingham Special and Tennessean pretty much used an all Southern equipment consist of both heavyweight and streamlined stainless steel rolling stock. Also, they operated through the Bristol - Chattanooga corridor during the night.

I am sure there will be additions and footnotes. As I say this is from memory when I was in high school in east Tennessee.


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June 21, 2006

Good morning, all:

Does anyone have a N&W passenger train consist, any
date, any route, which includes a Railway Post Office
car and storage mail cars? I'm completing the handout
for my July 6 presentation at the N&W HS convention
and would like to add one or more lists of car numbers
and locomotive making up a specific train on a given
date prior to 1967.

If so, please contact me on- or off-list. I can use a
transcription that is typed into an email, a fax, or a
.jpg scan. The source will be credited for the

While I'm writing, if anyone knows approximately how
many people may be attending the Strasburg convention,
that will also help. I need to photocopy the handouts
late next week and am unsure how many to make.

Good night and good morning,

Frank Scheer
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