Is this an N&W train?

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The N$W never had engines with vanderbellt tenders. (Not in my 80 Yrs.
living all over the N&W system) The picture could be RF&P. B&O or C&O. If
I"m wrong plese correct me. I can't say for the Nickel Plate or Warbash, but
don"t think they had any.

Bob Stump

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>>June 18, 2006


>>Hello, all:


>>Please look at


>> Although there is a N&W hopper, this may not be a N&W

>>train. If is is, does anyone recognize the location

>>or possible road based upon the locomotive? It

>>appears to have a Vanderbilt tender.


>Looks like a Seaboard 4-8-2. No idea where.


>Take care



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