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Jim Brewer:
Regarding N&W hoppers going off-line -- N&W had a regular movement of
coal from Gary, WV to Gary, IN routed Columbus - PC and although I can''t
recall any movements as far away as UP or CMStP&P, I'm sure many mom and
pop coal distributors received coal in N&W hoppers. You may recall that in
the late 80's, Amtrak's Silver Star entered an industrial siding near
(on CSX) and collided with three hoppers. They were N&W hoppers that
had been rebuilt in Roanoke Shops. NS only recovered about $10,000/car
because their depreciated value was based on the original build date.

In the mid-70's, N&W placed instructions in the timetables that H9 hoppers,
(plus some VGN and NKP hoppers) when loaded, were restricted to a maximum
speed of 25 MPH. Operating practice was to keep these cars stored until
coal traffic splurged, then they were returned to service. That meant, for
example, that a 220-car drag with one H9 in the consist was limited to 25
True, a 220-car drag usually "balanced" before 25 MPH, but it did take some
talent to keep a train down to 25 MPH rolling down the grade east of Merrimac
Tunnel. When the Operations Planning got a new boss from the IC, he
noted that the Ill Scent was operating loaded H9's in manifest freights at
60 MPH.
Harry Bundy
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