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Tue Jun 20 13:09:50 EDT 2006

Richard and Ann Hood wish all our friends and fellow N&WHS members attending Strasburg this year a very successful and enjoyable convention, of course you'll all have a great time.

Unfortunately we have had to cancel our booking at the convention hotel and sadly will not be able to join you all this year, as previously planned, as we have had problems getting holiday health insurance cover.
Richard completed some radiotherapy treatment a couple of months ago, seems OK now, but we have to wait three months to pass after his treatment, before the insurance firms will consider issuing our health cover while in the US, so we will miss having fun this year with you all.

However we do intend to come over later this year, the trip is 'still currently in the planning stages' of our travelling East coast to West coast, some car some Amtrak, with points of ' train interest stops' along the route!! Meanwhile we will be thinking of you all in Strasburg and wish everyone a very enjoyable N&WHS 2006 Convention.

Best regards
Richard and Ann Hood - England

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