Is this an N&W train?

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I have no clue as to the location of the photo. However, B&O, C&O and GN
used Vanderbilt style tenders that I am aware of; perhaps other roads did

On another list I participate on, there is frequent mention of N&W hoppers
heading west over Sherman Hill on the UP; not long ago there was a photo in
Classic Trains that showed a N&W hopper on the Milwaukee Road.

N&W hoppers were sent off-line loaded with some regularity; it would be
interesting if some retired N&W employee could shed more light on this. But
the quality of the coal from the mines located on the N&W was in high

Jim Brewer

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> Hello, all:


> Please look at


> Although there is a N&W hopper, this may not be a N&W

> train. If is is, does anyone recognize the location

> or possible road based upon the locomotive? It

> appears to have a Vanderbilt tender.


> Thanks for your input,


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