Passenger Conductors, Money and Tickets

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Hey Abeie:
A point I learned from A.R. "Skinny" Mimms on the old NS was that the
auditing department would occasionally put a "spy" on the passenger train to
determine if the riders and cash collections jibed. He noted that because of
NS's passenger clientele, they weren't hard to spot.

With a few hours to kill in Filthydelphia, I once rode the Chestnut Hill
line. Coming back, the trainman/ticket collector got a little mouthy.
I had to purchase a cash fare. At the next station, I laid my Conrail
employee timetable binder on the seat and when he returned, he saw it,
asked me if I worked for Conrail. I said "NO, N&W". Well you're a
so he refunded my fare. Wasn't that your territory at one time ?

On the Southern's Trashville Division, there was a passenger conductor
some of us referred to as "The Scorpion". He'd apparently been
appointed by D. W. Brosnan to run passenger traffic away. One
of my college buddies drove the car, while two of us boarded
The Carolina Special at Biltmore for the two mile ride to Ashe-
ville. "The Scorpion" had his conductor's box closed and his trip
was about to end when we got aboard and forced him to cut a
cash receipt for $0.75 each. After that, we were persona non
Harry Bundy
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