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Sat Mar 11 09:39:54 EST 2006

If you should follow Mason Cooper's great suggestion & travel 340 north along
the Shenandoah Line : some other points to assist your travels.

Shenandoah Jct. is worth the visit. My past several visits there have found
as much action on NS as on CSX - sometimes both RR's have action at the same
time. You can see NS crossing a bridge over CSX & get 2 trains in the same

At Antietam, MD (MP 14.1) there is a Detector (that broadcasts on160.440)
& signals beside route 34 at the same location.

An alternate route from Hagerstown to Lancaster (that avoids I-81 & the heavy
truck traffic) is :
I-70 east from Hagerstown to Frederick, MD (25 miles).

Route 15 north (a 4 lane - low traffic hiway from Frederick to Harrisburg)
72 miles.

Pick up I-283 in Harrisburg for the 40 mile ride east to Lancaster.

Terry Marshall
Hagerstown, MD
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