Steam Locomotive and "A" Tank Questions

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Today I was at the archives to get some of your answers. I did not find
anything about smokebox sheathing.

Concerning the coal boards, they were first applied to the Class A tenders
and the date of the document concerning this was March 1955. In August 1955,
further documentation states that they were to be applied to classes Y5, Y6,
Y6a and Y6b tenders. These were probably applied at engine terminals since
this was a relatively easy modification.

Regarding the A-tanks, 93 were built from 5/52 to 4/54. Forty three were
assigned to the Class A's and that left 50 for the Y5 and Y6's. As
originally built, the round top was extended to cover the coal bunker,
however the coal bunker was empty and the A-tanks remained at 16,000
gallons. In mid-1954, these tenders began being modified so that the coal
space became a water space, thus increasing the water capacity to 20,800
gallons. Until all 93 A-tanks were modified, the road numbers of each
modified tender carried the letter "A" in front of the road number;
afterward the "A" was dropped.

Interestingly, here are the weights: 16,000 empty was 101,500 pounds; loaded
234,800 pounds.
20,800 empty was
108,000 pounds, loaded 281,400 pounds.

Bud Jeffries

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> Greetings,


> I have a couple of questions regarding steam locomotives and tenders.

> First, what was the general date on which coal bunker extensions started

> appearing on N&W steam? Would this have happened all at once, or generally

> as locomotives were shopped for repairs, and was there only certain

> locomotives to receive this "upgrade"?


> What was the purpose for sheathing the smoke boxes of the A's? (not sure

> if that would be the correct term to use)


> Regarding the "A" tanks, there were 2 main classes of these, correct?

> What were the differences between the classes of "A" tanks? And would a

> certain class be assigned to certain locomotives?


> Thank you!


> Michael Stovall



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