N&W sightseeing along the Shenandoah Division

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Front Royal Depot...was still there the last time I was down the Valley.

Jim Brewer
Glenwood MD

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> March 8 2006


> Hello, Ben:


> Stay on US Highway 340 until you reach Waynesboro.

> There are several large bridges such as one at Overall

> that if a train is near, make for a nice photo. There

> are also station buildings at Luray and Shenandoah.

> You can see much of Shenandoah from the town's street

> that parallels the yard, but going onto NS property is

> discouraged.


> There's a railcar and some cast-iron roadway signs on

> property near where the Buchanan station used to be.

> The Buchanan Railcar Inn - (540) 254-9711 - 66 15th

> St, Buchanan, VA is used for overnight lodging; see

> its website at http://www.buchananrailcarinn.com/


> I don't know of any other survivind station buildings

> between Shenandoah and Roanoke. Does anyone else?


> Good morning,


> Frank Scheer

> f_scheer at yahoo.com



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> Subject: Sightseeing on the Shenandoah


> I'm making my plans for this years convention trip to

> Strasburg. I'll be coming up Interstate 81 most of

> the way. I was wondering if you fine folks might

> point out some points of interest along the way up the

> Shenandoah Valley line. I will most likely follow the

> line on my way back home on Sunday, and would like to

> know some good places to visit and take photos. I

> plan on visiting Boyce, and following the line south

> from there.


> Thanks,

> Ben Blevins


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