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Ummmmm, tough to come by. Don't think we have anything on a roof photo
of the RSD-12's, Rudy. We might have something on the RS-11's which
should be similar.

I'm thinking that Extra 2200 South did a study of these units once and
may have an illustration of the top surface. I'll look in my old issues
and see.

About the only way to get overhead shots of units like these is if the
yard had an overhead bridge of some sort that the railfans could use for
this sort of shot. For N&W troopers, the RSD-12's did not work the
yards with those sort of bridges except , maybe, Bellevue after the
reconstruction of the yard.

Our listing doesn't log in the shots by angle of shot; we'll have to do
some digging.

We don't have much in the Archives on the diesels as the N&W didn't keep
much of a file on purchased units. They didn't need much documentation
to run them or repair them.

Get back to you on this

Gary Rolih


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I'm looking for roof shots of N&W's ex-NKP RSD-12's. I'm looking for
#257 in particular, but any will do, as I am assuming they are all
similar if not exactly the same. Any help would be appreciated.


Rudy Garbely

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