Missing caboose in Galax

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It is the same one beside TG Vaughn, on the trail parking lot, at US58

Their was 2 cabooses in Galax long ago (1985), that one, and an ACY one. I THINK the ACY one met the torch

Andy Jennings
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Someone was discussing cabs in Galax recently, and I am not sure if it was on here or not. We were trying to locate a cab that was last reported on Edmunds Rd in south Galax. I was out there yesterday, and I looked along the entire 3 miles of Edmunds Rd. If there is a caboose still out there, it is hidden inside a building or in some VERY thick brush or woods.
I am sorry I did not save the original email message so do not know who was looking. Sorry.

Bob Welsh


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