Norfolk Southern "0" Milepost

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Thu Nov 3 13:29:03 EST 2005

As I recall, the originasl question was "Where is the Norfolk Southern "0"
milepost"? True to form we immediately get a lot of chat about the N&W
"0" milepost. Where is it written that the N&W IS the NS? Give me a break.
Depending on the division, sub-division, or branchline on the NS there are
dozens of "0" mileposts. The way the question was submitted, and if you
want to get technical about it, the "0" milepost of the original NS was at
the old terminal Station in Norfolk, Va. and ended in Charlotte, N.C. Did
the Southern Railway not also have a few "0" mileposts? I recall a couple
right off, such as Union Station in Washington, D.C. with the other end
in New Orleans, La., or Cincinnati on the CNO&TP with the other end in
Atlanta, Ga. All of the predecessor railroads of the Southern Railway
System had a milepost system still in use today. Who else but Southern
Railway has a stretch of track with at least 5 mileposts in a row out over
open water, i.e. Lake Ponchatrain bridge, and at one time the Albemarle
Sound bridge, which, when completed in 1910, was the longest bridge
over navigable water in the world. Bill Sellers

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