Katrina and the Railroads

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However, the bridge decks of NS's Ponchatrain bridge were not
(badly?) damaged, so all they had to do was reballast the deck and
hoist the track back on. CSX has a lot more work to do on those

pete groom
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Gordon, et. al.
Here are some photos I took while in MS helping out w/ the medical
effort. It's the CSX main line through Waveland, which is 48 miles
east of New Orleans. The bridge over St. Louis Bay...betw. Waveland
and Gulfport...and the bridge over Biloxi Bay...east of Biloxi...were
both destroyed in similar fashion to the NS bridge you
mention...track washed completely off piers by the storm surge.
Also, the main line through Waveland has washed out in a number of
places, and several of these pics show houses washed right onto the
tracks. I threw in two shots of the pirate ship casino in Biloxi
just for comparison.
Bucky Wilson

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