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The State of WV puts out a quarterly historical magazine dedicated to WV Traditional Life. The fall issue has just came out with two rail related articles that might be of interest.

The first has to do with the 100th Anniversary of the Coal & Coke Railroad which later becomes part of the B&O railroad. This railroad ran from Elkins, WV to Charleston. A large part of this railroad still exists including its route into Charleston although it is not utilized. Today is is known as The Elk River Railroad. I believe it is still used to store railroad hopper cars and other type equipment. An excellent book on the Coal and Coke was printed several years ago.

Second, If you were in the Military in World War 2 or worked along the Railroad there is an indept article that may be of interest. Titled" The Box Came In, Saving the French Gratitude Train. by Richard Hartman

Those of you who followed the Poky to get to Williamson for the N&W convention passed through Welch where this car is lovingly stored. It is one of the best that is out there.

February 7, 1949 The Merci Car was loaded with gifts and was accepted in Charleston at the C&O Depot. These gifts found their way around the state. This car was alowed to rust in a South Charleston field before a group of rail historians decided to have it restored.

Students in 1996 class of McDowell County Vocational School restored it and put in on display in Welch.

Supposedly every state has one and there is a site on the Internet that is dedicated to those remaining cars.

For WV fans: Goldenseal Magazine can be obtained by contacting. WV State Cultural Center 1900 Kanawha Blvd E.
Charleston, WV 23350-0300.

The cost is $17. a year and Five dollars a magazine.
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