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>A question left over from the Williamson Convention: I was given both
answers at the time and trying to get to the 'right' one. Did the original
N & W main line west of Matewan go around the oxbow by way of Lobata, or
was the tunnel across the neck of the oxbow part of the original
construction ? From the USGS map, there is only a one mile gap from the
end of the present mine spur to the east portals of the tunnel.

Well, the Hatfield Tunnels are separate (two bores), different
construction, different bore dates, and have different bridges on the west
side. That would indicate to me that the main line cut across the oxbow on
the Kentucky side prior to the double tracking of the main line, but I
don't know for sure. I would also be interested in a definitive answer to
this question.

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