"Swimming pools" to catch fuel in photo on old VGN

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Great shot Skip, as it shows a side of rr we don't see very often.  Having 
worked for a major oil company for some 30 years, mostly in operations, we 
were VERY concerned over the potential for spills while fueling and making 
deliveries.  One of our favorite stops was the Conrail yard in Albany 
(Selkirk) where we delivered 6,000 gallon loads of lube oil and the odd drum 
or two of curve grease.

Having just returned from four weeks in Russia (Sakhalin) where they operate 
a daily train from Yuzhno in the south to Nogliki in the north on a Japanese 
built WWII-era narrow guage track, there is just a bit less concern for 
environmental protection than is being shown in your photo.

One interesting facet of operation is that tank cars of aviation fuel are 
shipped from a refinery on the mainland by barge (Russian standard guage) 
and then hoisted by crane onto the narrow guage trucks for delivery to the 
airports on the island.  Looking at converting some 200-300 miles of track 
to standard guage, but many billions of dollars away from this objective.

Ed Svitil

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>Subject: "Swimming pools" to catch fuel in photo on old VGN
>Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 11:08:07 +0000
>I forgot to remind you to check out the two "swimming pools" to catch the 
>fuel overflow, Heaven forbid if there is any, in this photo:
>Skip Salmon
>Skip and Judi Salmon
>3721 Buckingham Drive
>Roanoke, VA 24018-2448
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