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After the VGN merger of December 1, 1959, the former VGN west of
Kellysville, WV, was designated the New River Division.  The Kellysville -
Roanoke portion of the VGN became part of the Radford Division and the
Roanoke - Norfolk portion became part of the Norfolk Division.  The New
River Division was eventually folded into the Pocahontas Division.

After the WAB, NKP, PWV, ACY merger of October 16, 1964, the added divisions
were Pittsburgh, Lake Erie, Muncie, Ft. Wayne, Decatur and Moberly.

Gordon Hamilton

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> Hello,
> Does someone have a list of the divisions added after
> the N&W mergers of the 1950s & 1960s? I know the
> original N&W divisions, but not all the divisions of
> the late 1960s.
> Thanks,
> Larry Neal
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