Lead paint and asbestos in a restorer's diet

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Another item to note is that the respirator user should NOT have a beard that destroys the integrity of the fit.

nw-mailing-list at nwhs.org wrote:Any work with asbestos or lead materials needs to be done with a half face respirator with P-100 cartridges on it.  However it is not as simple as just getting the respirator.  In order to have your respiratory system protected, you need to:
1.  Make sure the respirator fits and the fit is rechecked every time you put it on.
2.  Make sure you put it on outside of the work area, and before you put on work gloves, or jackets that may have been used in previous work environments
3.  Make sure that you leave on your respirator after you leave the work environment, until you have removed your dirty clothes and gloves, and wiped down your face and the outside of the respirator, and washed your hands.
4.  EPA mandates that any work that will disturb asbestos or lead that is not in your private residence must be done by licensed contractors.  EPA also requires special handling and disposal of the debris.  OSHA also has specific work practices mandated for asbestos and lead.

The reason for all these precautions is that not only are these materials hazardous to your health, the hazards also can go home with you and become hazardous to your family.  Please do not risk you health and that of your family.

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More on safety concerns about sandblasting:  Use of a commercial  quality
dust mask or partial face respirator is recommended to prevent  inhalation of
fine particulates; they stick to the walls of our respiratory  systems and being
insoluble, remain there.  If asbestos is present in the  dust, high
probability of developing a form of cancer (mesothelioma).

Same concerns with spray painting, even with water based coatings.

Jerome Crosson
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