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Mon May 9 12:04:11 EDT 2005

To anyone interested in getting N&W signals, feel free to contact 
Richard Shell or myself off list. We purchased a huge lot about 8 years 
back, the equivalent of 2 gondola loads, and we still have some left.

Ron Davis will be happy to pass along our email on request.

I don't think our stuff is as pricey as the salvage contractor!

Ken Miller
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> Adding to Dr. Scheer's comments -- the dealer at the "Great 
> Gaithersburg Gougeing"
> is a salvage contractor from Lodi, Ohio.  I think he's recently moved 
> to Chillicothe, OH.
> He has many signals saved that came from the Weary Erie.  At last 
> years show,
> he had a grade crossing signal from the Milwaukee Road which had 
> diamond-shaped
> frames that held a banjo style wig-wag.  If you go to Gaithersburg in 
> November,
> be sure to bring the deed to your ranch.  They're expensive.
> Certainly they don't command the majesty of a mast-mounted signal, but 
> you
> may choose to consider a dwarf signal or something similar.  I have a 
> dwarf signal and a switch indicator (a.k.a. motor car indicator) in 
> the den.  When it
> comes to weathering and mobility, they do have an advantage.
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