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Adding to Dr. Scheer's comments -- the dealer at the "Great Gaithersburg  
is a salvage contractor from Lodi, Ohio.  I think he's recently moved  to 
Chillicothe, OH.
He has many signals saved that came from the Weary Erie.  At last  years show,
he had a grade crossing signal from the Milwaukee Road which had  
frames that held a banjo style wig-wag.  If you go to Gaithersburg in  
be sure to bring the deed to your ranch.  They're expensive.
Certainly they don't command the majesty of a mast-mounted signal, but  you
may choose to consider a dwarf signal or something similar.  I have a  GRS
dwarf signal and a switch indicator (a.k.a. motor car indicator) in the  den. 
 When it
comes to weathering and mobility, they do have an advantage.
                                                            Semper Paratus
                                                          Harry Bundy,  YN3 
                                        (Former teatless typist in "the 
Midgette Navy")
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