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    There used to be a platform with a trainshed at the foot of the hill near the Cavalier Hotel and it remained there beyond the NS itself.  But I always thought the sleeper was floated across from Cape Charles to Little Creek which was the reason it was routed via the North Beach line.
    As an irony, on March 1, 1964, coach 1733 was involved in a similar incident nearby when Train 16-22 struck a derailed hopper car about a mile east of Ivor just east of the east switch of the middle storage track.  The location is known as Zuni Bottom.  I'm not sure, but combine 1500 might also have been involved.  By that time, the through coach was history and that being Sunday morning, the sleeper did not operate.  The incident was caused when a volunteer fireman from Ivor popped a fusee in the face of the hopper train resulting in the engineer placing the train in emergency.  The buff 75 cars from the rear caused two hoppers to raise up and jackknife to the south fouling the eastbound main directly in front of Train 16-22.  Train 16-22 didn't have a prayer to stop.  Speed tape showed that Train 16-22 went into emergency at 56 mph and struck the hoppers at 52 mph.   Where's O'Henry when you need him?      Don Corbin    
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  In addition to PRR, RF&P, ACL, and N&W, there was another carrier involved.
  In the late 20's and early 30's, Norfolk Southern Railroad handled a New York-
  Virginia Beach Pullman from Union Station in Norfolk to the Cavalier Hotel using
  electric motors.

  I don't know if this is of any help, but on August 19, 1946,  N&W train No. 21,
  the westbound "Cannonball", derailed (due to irregular alinement of track) and
  fouled the eastward main track at Windsor, VA.  About 27 minutes later, it
  was struck by Extra 1207 East.  In the Mechanical Department files, I found
  drawing SK 480-M, dated August 21, 1946, showing position of derailed
  equipment.  It shows that No. 21 consisted of Engine No. 123 (and tender),
  Baggage and Mail car #1200, Passenger & Baggage Car No. 1500, Coach #1733,
  Coach #1734, and Pullman PORTSLADE.  The Pullman was a 10 section, 1
  drawing room and 2 compartment car, built for general service in December, 1915.
  Betcha PORTSLADE was Pullman green.
                                                                       Harry Bundy


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