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I talked to Mom and here was her response:

This sounds silly but I don't have dates as to when the Navy was sent in to
run the coal mine. As a teenager, I had my own activities  I think I was in
college most of the time they were there.  President Roosevelt sent the
Navy in because the miners were on strike and coal was needed for the war
I think Coalwood was owned by Youngstown Sheet and Tube then.  I'm not
sure --I really did not pay much attention to mine doings.

She may come up with some additional information in time.  If so I'll pass
it on.

Youngstown Sheet and Tube called named their coal mining compay, Olga Coal
Co.  They were still running the mine in the 1950's when my grandfather
retired.  Additionally, the same mine at Coalwood also had access from
Caretta, WV with a spur off the Dry Fork Btranch.  After the Clear Fork
Branch was removed, coal was still mined from the Caretta side of the
mountain and transported from there by the N&W.

Some pictures of Coalwood and Caretta:

Ed Painter (Narrows, VA) currently Russellville, AR

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I'll talk to my Mom.  She grew-up and lived in Coalwood where my Grandfather
was personnel manager for the mining Company.  He (Walter Gorden Mason)
worked  for the 3 different operators of the mines going back to the 1920's.
Ed Painter (Narrows, Va) currently Russellville, AR

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> Can anyone provide information or a link leading to further information
> about the U.S. Navy operation of coal mines on the Clear Fork branch,
> following a labor strike during World War II?      Mason Cooper
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