Semaphore and CPL at VMT

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Subject: Re: Semaphore and CPL at VMT 
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Subject:  Semaphore and CPL at VMT 

Hey folks, I have a few questions.  
1.  Does anyone know where the semaphore that is lying
in the back lot of the Virginia Museum of
Transportation came from?
2.  Does anyone know if VMT is ever going to do
anything with it?
3.  Does anyone know if VMT plans to restore the CPL
lying in the back lot?
4.  Are there any other restored N&W signals anywhere?
 (I only know of the one at Foster's Falls.)
Both of these signals at VMT are damaged, and while
they are not ruined, they would be a huge job to
repair or restore.
Thanks for your interest!
Ben Blevins

April 21, 2005

Hello, Ben:

Maybe you can call the VMT phone number and ask for
Chris McBride, Director of Restoration.  I don't have
an email address for him.

Good luck,


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