Semaphore and CPL at VMT

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I have a fully restored CPL two arm signal along my driveway. It has been up 
for ten years now.

The restoration project took me about six months. We brought it home on a 
roll back wrecker, chained it to a tree and pulled the truck out from under it. 
No real damage, the ladder was already bent. We got some interesting looks 
coming up I-81. I completely dissassembled everything, straightened and 
sandblasted all the parts. Then I primed and repainted everything with two coats of 
silver and gloss black - mistake - the glare was tremendous and I then realized 
they are painted matte or flat black on the railroad. I corrected this problem 
when it was repainted. I also rewired the unit and replaced the bulbs with long 
life 1156 12V automotive bulbs. The signal is controlled with one of Radio 
Shacks clock timers and relays that normally control room lighting. The radio 
signal runs thur the 110 volt wiring. The relays are hidden away behind the 
phone in a lineside phone box. Works great.


Richard D. Shell
Troutville, VA
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