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Mon Apr 4 19:45:34 EDT 2005

I am a volunteer at the NC Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC .
otherwise known as "Spencer Shops".  Our weekday workhorse, N&W 620, is
getting close to needing a new paint job.  A few of us would like to see
it painted Pevler Blue but we need photographic proof it actually wore
that scheme.  It now wears the Redbird scheme, despite the fact only the
500s wore that scheme.  (FYI:  Bob Claytor approached the museum
following arrival of 620 in NW and offered to give us the paint needed
to repaint the old girl **if** we put her in red . who's to argue with
free paint and the support of an ex-N&W President??? .. so it was
painted red).
I've had no luck searching for color pix of 620 in blue or even early
black, so if anyone on this list can point me in the right direction or,
better yet, loan me a slide/neg/print that I can scan and return, please
contact me off list.  The least I can do in return is give you a free
cab ride on a Wednesday I'm running the museum trips :-).
Thanks for your help.
Jim King
Smoky Mountain Model Works, Inc.
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